Dating just for the money

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No man wants to be used by a woman for material things. You got a taste of the good life and he was intimate with you.You came away with a good time but nothing substantial, or tangible to show for it. "Never marry a poor man" or "marry up." It's well-meaning advice but it does add some degree of stress on the girl.These words spoken by mom or another influential female resound in her head as she dates and sizes up the men that come into her life.The pressure to choose the guy that's 'well off' or 'wealthy' is on.Wanting the best life you can have is a natural thing.Everyone would love to live like the rich and famous.

Should you pursue an intimate relationship with him, he will grab the opportunity to 'get some' and then RUN like hell! The trouble comes when one is out to USE someone else for their own selfish desires.To deceive and manipulate another person into engaging in a relationship will only end in separation, divorce, or worse. He has the resources to give you everything you desire. He may indulge your fantasies to get what he wants and then it's over.The blue collar worker may be overlooked because of his profession.But, if you look deep, he may own his own business, have a healthy bank account, and impressive resources.

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Still, some gentlemen still wonder if money is the best way to attract Russian women. Money can get you a lot of things in life, but it can’t buy the heart of a Russian woman.

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