Dating someone with depression and anxiety

Posted by / 12-Aug-2017 20:27

They’re still the person you fancy and (hopefully) love, they’re just dealing with a brain that keeps f*cking them over.

It isn’t always easy, but all loving relationships require patience and nurture. Awkward situations will arise, and you’re going to have to deal with them, as well as deal with the feeling of loving someone and hating yourself for feeling embarrassed by him or her.Then, your partner will worry about the fact that he or she is worrying, and things really turn ugly.If your partner is wrestling with his or her own thoughts in a fit of uneasiness, there isn’t much you can do.You’re going to have to learn to do the only thing you can do: Say "f*ck 'em."Everyone else may be judging your partner, but you can’t, which isn’t a problem when you truly love a person.When we fall in love, we really do find ourselves blind to the other’s flaws -- or at least aren’t bothered by them.

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Be prepared for what is likely to come, and be sure to know your limit.