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How often has a strange dream woken you abruptly in the night or influenced your mood and behaviour the following day?The weird world of our dreams is a popular topic of conversation which often holds the key to our wild imagination and subconcious minds.To make sure the video chat works properly during your conversation with the lady and to make sure your video is visible for the lady, please use the Ua Dreams Video Chat application instead of the regular website. If you'd like to participate on our forums by joining in the conversation, please Register Now!The link above will take you to CRUISIN's custom interactive Cruise Ship Tracker.Once there you will also have the option to select from hundreds of other cruise ships and cruise ports to view and track.One of my Discord friends was one of the lucky few who can now use video calls.

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She will be able to answer your questions on all aspects of your dreams. Simply email them to [email protected] Then join Fiona LIVE online for the chat today from 7-8pm.

As a clinical psychologist and principal lecturer in clinical psychology at Middlesex University, Fiona became fascinated by decoding dreams during her work as a therapist.

By recognising certain symbols in their dreams people can bring to the front of their minds hidden emotions and work through them to improve their conscious lives.

'The children and adults I work with are constantly surprised by how useful a tool it can be.' Together with her husband Jonny, a teacher and writer, Dr Zucker has written the hugely successful book Dream Decoder - a Guide to Revealing Unconscious Desires.

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If you experience recurring dreams or just can't forget one particular dream that still haunts you, help is at hand.