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Other than the apprehension at the condition of my foot, we were super excited as we drove out of Calgary on a warm, sunny Wednesday afternoon on June 29, headed for Swift Current, Saskatchewan for the first night.[] After a good night sleep in Swift Current we started a long day drive to the beautiful city of Kenora, Ontario - honestly one of the nicest cities I've been to in Canada so far.RLO also has a lodge on Olive Lake in WCPP - something I hope to try one day sooner than later.Once we paid for our wilderness passes and the sat phone (), we started the final drive from Red Lake to the Onnie Lake put-in along the Suffel Lake / Iriam backcountry logging road.Brooklyn Loom Sand-Washed Reversible Quilt Set","department_name":"","product_url":["/store/product/brooklyn-loom-sand-washed-reversible-quilt-set/234745"],"brand_id":"4375","brand_name":"Brooklyn Loom","product_image_name":["Brooklyn Loom Sand-Washed Reversible Quilt Set"],"product_image_url":["// Bathand Beyond/11172893316954g?This northern wilderness “where nature still rules” is remote yet accessible.Even climbing mountains can become work if you're not careful.

Instead of canoeing down from Knox and Murdock Lakes to meet up with another group in Glenn Lake 12 days later, Niko and I decided to do two loops starting from the Onnie Lake WCPP entry point along the Suffel Lake / Iriam backcountry road.( As I sit here in Calgary, back in the concrete jungle, typing up this trip report, I still can't believe it happened.There's a number of reasons for this surprise, including the fact that two weeks before embarking with my 15 year old son on the longest canoe trip of my life, I came within a hair of fracturing a bone in my right foot.Canoe trippers and sport fishing enthusiasts can reach the parks’ interior backcountry campsites and outpost camps by waterway or by air.Home to one of the largest groups of Woodland Caribou south of Hudson Bay, this weathered Arctic watershed promises ancient pictographs as part of its cultural landscape, howling wolves under starry skies, soaring eagles, solitude and adventure.

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The mood was already more relaxed than previous trips as Harlan and I chatted about the trip and life in general.

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