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Aside from Thailand, Iran carries out more sex change operations than any other country.

Mirdjalali assisted with an Iranian study about the roots of the high number of those with gender identity disorders in Iran.

Following the chapter about sodomy, the Penal Code discusses lesbianism.

Parsi, still the director of the IRQR and now based in Canada, explained that Iranian homosexuals who seek sex change operations may attempt to find a way to make their psychologists diagnose them as transsexual.“I have received about 45 reports of operations in Iran where the people [who seek or have had a sex change] are not really transgender.One day in 2005, Parsi received a voicemail and several emails from the Iranian government, who had become aware of his activity after tracing his Internet Protocol address and phone calls.He knew he had to leave immediately before being arrested or killed. Some gay Iranians, like Parsi, make the decision to openly advocate for their homosexual rights.They are gay and only want to change their sexuality for a little bit of freedom,” he said.Bahram Mirdjalali, one of Iran’s few gender reassignment surgeons, disagrees with Parsi.


Mirdjalali has performed more than 600 operations over the last 12 years.