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"What better way to reclaim it than provide a space for people to tell their personal stories." How such stories are told remains a controversial subject across American communities.

Look no further than the recent controversy over the pay gap between Daniel Dae-Kim and Grace Park, Asian-American actors on the television show "Hawaii Five-0," and their white colleagues.

My inconsistency to the gym kills me on the inside.

Taking the stage in a sequin covered bodice and a pair of black tights, Lopez became the latest victim of 'Madonna syndrome,' an affliction belonging to female pop superstars over thirty which causes them to become allergic to wearing proper clothes on their bottom half.

"I come from a line of bad Asians," said Tria Chang, who penned an essay for the first issue."We wanted to be surprising and cheeky, and flipping stereotypes on their head," said Lina Yeh, the magazine's development director.The choice echoes a similar decision made by the band , composed of Asian-American musicians.Sources tell Page Six that Maksanty’s been staying with Morgan, 51, at her Manhattan home and he could even wind up on “The Real Housewives of New York” next season. It’s only been two weeks,” a pal of Morgan’s told us, adding, “But she’s shown naked pics” of the Adonis to close friends. Our source said Sonja’s declared, “I’m the original cougar! Because they’re happy to go out.” She previously dated 20-somethings Dominik Persy and Benjamin Benalloul.Morgan and Maksanty met at a party for her Social Life magazine cover with Dr. She’s been taking him to gay bars around town and the pair has been spotted at the Rainbow Room, seeing Lady Gaga’s bandleader Brian Newman, where Tommy didn’t have a blazer — as mandated by the dress code — and was forced to borrow one from a waitress.

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"It's really comforting to know that there's other people who just get it, or who really want to have the conversation."While its physical form came to them quickly, the name "Slant'd" did not.