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Women should not smoke before the test and remain seated during the test.

For an oral GTT: Consult a physician as soon as abnormal glucose tolerance is diagnosed in a pregnant woman.

There is considerable variability among diabetes experts nationally and internationally with regard to GDM screening.

International and national expert organizations recommend that all women who have Aboriginal ancestry receive diabetes screening in pregnancy.

Between 34 and 36 weeks, fax all prenatal documents [including ultrasound(s), laboratory results and the antenatal records] to the labour and delivery ward. Document the sharing of records in the client's chart.

Upon client discharge from the hospital after giving birth, ensure that the newborn assessment, labour and delivery summary and postpartum record for the woman and baby have been received so that informed follow-up care can be provided. Most cases of late-onset GBS disease occur in the first 3 months of age.

Integrated prenatal screening (between 11-14 weeks and 15-20 weeks) and/or maternal serum screening (between 15-20 weeks' gestational age) is to be offered if available and if the woman qualifies for testing in your province/region (for example, women who have had a previous child with an anomaly, or are of advanced maternal age).

However, the majority of prenatal vitamins (for example, Centrum, Materna) contain 27 mg of iron.

Woman who develop GDM have an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes later in life.

Of Aboriginal women who are diagnosed with GDM, up to 70% will develop type 2 diabetes.

The remainder of the information is only related to early-onset GBS disease.

The rate of GBS disease is now reported to be 0. live births.

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