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We won’t force it if you really don’t enjoy it, but one class or DVD won’t do any harm. We want to share our passion with other, and these photos and videos have the power to inspire others.

I certainly would not have achieve headstand one year after having cervical spinal surgery had it not been for my best friend’s encouragement every time I posted a photo of my progress.

It gives him peace and a sense of quiet just as yoga does for his wife.

It is so much more than a physical practice for us.

It is our way of life, our belief system, our passion, our everything.

We practice almost daily, we attend classes and workshops, and we read everything we can get our hands on.

When a yogi gets excited about something, we just want to share it with the world; but sometimes we forget whom we’re sharing it with. We are more than happy to explain, we just forget sometimes! We have new bruises show up all the time with no idea of how they got there. If something, serious happens we’re not above seeing a doctor.

Yogis do their best to keep open hearts and open minds.When I started dating my partner, who had never even done asanas before, it never occurred to me that he’d have no idea what I was talking about half the time.I have since learned how to explain what I’m talking about and he has learned the power of Google.If your partner is a yogi, here are some things you can expect.After a meeting at the studio where I teach, I went back to home to my man with a mountain of things to tell him.

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Far more than just a physical practice, the deep wisdom of yoga contains practices that are designed to help us live fuller, more vibrant, healthier, happier lives. “The 8 limbs of yoga can give you some much needed support when navigating the “wild-west” of online dating.

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